After a hiatus of a few years (sorry guys, grad school) I will be making some exciting changes to the website! My goal is to make the Rockhound Guide a universal resource for mineral collectors around the world. Here are my goals for the near future:

  • Allow site visitors to easily share information in a wiki-style interface.
  • Gather and catalog all available information on the web regarding a collecting site.
  • Provide updates on the ownership and collection status of each site.
  • Allow users to share pictures of their collecting trips through Flickr.
Up until now, I have been providing most of the content for the guide, with some help from site visitors. I realized awhile ago that not only am I not able to visit all the sites I’d like to, I also don’t want to be personally responsible for providing incorrect information. I’ve decided that a Wikipedia-style format will allow the guide to grow much more quickly than it could before.
Keep on the lookout for changes. It’s going to be exciting!


  1. I just found your site and am excited to find out more. we just moved here and i have 4 kids who LOVE looking for anything they think might be cool. thank you for the suggestions. we can’t wait to try them out.

  2. Just found your digital Utah rockhound guide, and I’m in love. Please go forward with your wiki idea. I have many favorite locations i’ve catalogged by gps and photots, and would love to contribute them.

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