I’m tired of waiting for the snow to thaw (and the roads to turn solid again) to go out and enjoy Utah, so I decided I’m going to start climbing. What better way to stay (get) in shape and have fun in the freezing winter? I realize this isn’t necessarily rockhounding material, but you won’t have anything else to read over the winter, so read on if you’re interested.

I haven’t done any climbing in ten years, and haven’t even gotten much hiking under my belt in the last two years, so I decided to repent and get some snow gear. I did a little reading up and here is what I bought:

Snow Runner boots ($26 after 25% discount and $20 gift certificate!)
Thick Wool socks ($4 at Walmart)
Ankle-high cotton socks (everyone has those)
Polypropylene long-john bottoms ($9 at Recreation Outlet in American Fork)
Standard snow pants ($20 at Recreation Outlet)
Generic LS Under Armor shirt ($10 at Walmart)
Zippered fleece pullover ($12 at Walmart)
Ski gloves ($8 at Walmart)
Thin waterproof windbreaker with hood ($20 at Recreation Outlet)
Trekking Poles ($20 at Recreation Outlet)

Grand Total: $130.00 Beat That!

I decided to take a test drive on Saturday. I threw my gear into the car and drove up to the parking lot below the Y trail in Provo. The weather was fairly warm (low 30’s?) but still seemed cold enough to require all my gear. I tied the windbreaker around my waste and clipped the gloves to my pants and started off.

The trail was covered in six inches of old snowpack, so the going was easier than I had expected. The Y trail


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