The weather has been a little “iffy” for the last month, but 2008 rockhounding season is well underway! We have been on a few trips this month, the roads are passable, and life is good!

The guide will be undergoing some beautification projects. Instead of that ugly bubble that pops up over a site, I designed a little html template with pictures and formatting, so the description will more resemble a website. I’m slowly reformatting each of the site descriptions, and it will be a lot of work, but I’m excited about the eventual finished product.

As part of the site description, you will now be able to see how kid-friendly a location is. It’s disappointing to drive a few hours with excited children, and then get to a place that requires a two-mile hike. So be on the lookout for that.

I will also be changing the use of site tags to convey information about the quality and collecting status of the site.

What kinds of information would you like the tags to convey?


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