If there’s one rock hounding trip you ever take in Utah, this is probably the one (or at least the one everyone knows about). The Topaz Ampitheatre and Dugway Geode beds are two of the most mainstream locations in Utah.

Our day began at about 7:00 am, when we headed out to Lehi to pick up my cousin and his kids. After a few breakfast sandwiches we headed west of Utah lake on the 73 and kept driving to Faust. The further west you go the bleaker it gets. But after awhile you adjust and the desert starts to look pretty. The road turns to dirt around Vernon and gets worse from there. We drove through Lookout Pass and enjoyed the view of the west desert, then followed the pony express road to Simpson Springs, which is a neat little Pony Express station and monument. The kids took a bathroom break, and broke off a few chunks of the weird green rock there, and we resumed our trek.

The Pony Express road follows the border of the Dugway Proving Ground, which is a pretty strange place. I’ve heard reports of missiles being fired into the mountains, and bombs being detonated. I firefighter friend of mine claims he was dropped into a brush fire inside the Proving Ground, and they found a bright green lake.

Another 10 miles or so down the road, we turned south (just before the Dugway Pass) and followed the Pismire wash for ten miles to the bottom of the Thomas Range, where we met up with the Weiss highway. From there


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